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Scholarship Policy - United States

Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Policy Manual

 5.29)    Leadership and Scholarship Awards:  Each year monies shall be set aside for the awarding of leadership and scholarship awards to dental students, as identified by their respective institutions, both in the United States and in eligible dental schools outside the United States.

5.291) The exact amount of each award will be determined annually by the Grants Committee, and will reflect the review of available funds by the Treasurer and the Executive Director in consultation with the Budget and Finance Committee.

5.292) A request for these individual names will be sent to the specific dental schools identified by the Executive Director. The recipient must be a member of the third year class who is continuing into the fourth year.

5.293) All awards made to the USA Foundation Scholarship Program shall be directed to their respective dental schools and applied to their tuition costs. 

5.294) The awardee shall be school-selected for leadership, scholarship, and community involvement.

5.295) The PFA Trustees and Section Chairs in the respective areas should be notified of such selections in a timely fashion to insure their participation in any award ceremony that may be established.

5.296) A suitable certificate shall be provided to accompany the award.

5.297) A response will be requested from all scholarship recipients.


International sections of the Pierre Fauchard Academy may apply for student scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based upon the number of dues-paying Fellows in both the Region and the related Sections through the Academy’s Fellowship roster.  In addition, it is necessary for the section to demonstrate current activity levels of the Fellows.

All recipients must be third-year students who will achieve fourth-year status the following academic year.  Specific scholarship amounts are determined by monetary equivalencies for each Region and Section and are based on the level of PFA membership dues paid.  The amount of actual funds available for scholarships is approved by the Board of Trustees during their Annual Board Meeting.