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Foundation News 


Universite de Montreal

I am writing to thank you and the Pierre Fauchard Academy for the Student Award you provided to me and my fellow student presenters at the recent Canadian Dental Association meeting in Saskatoon.

As you know, undertaking a course and career in dentistry has its financial challenges.  With the cost of dental schooling today, it is reassuring that organizations like yours are supportive of we who are beginning our dental journey.  You have shown us that giving back is important when we have achieved success in our chosen field.  Thank you very much for helping us when we needed it most. 

Janelle Hamilton


Mississippi Dental Association Foundation

On behalf of the Mississippi Dental Association and its volunteers, I would like to thank you for the recent grant awarded to the Mississippi Dental Association Foundation to help fund the second Mississippi Mission of Mercy (MOM) Project.  The MDA Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) developed for the purpose of sponsoring projects and promoting activities that improve the oral health of all Mississippians.  We were so pleased to receive your support in 2011 and your commitment to join us for the 2013 project means more than you know.  Your sponsorship to help Mississippians obtain healthy smiles is appreciated by those who will provide care and, more importantly, by those who will benefit from the free dental treatment they receive.

The Mississippi Dental Foundation is now much closer to meeting our total project budget that is needed to provide the second Mississippi MOM project.  Our goal is to treat 2,000 patients who will receive $1,000,000.00 in free dental care.  These patients will return to work, school and home-life pain free after having received the dental treatment they needed to be restored to a state of optimal overall health.

We invite you to join us for our second MS MOM event.  The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy will be recognized for your generous donations and support. 

Again, thank you for making it possible for us to provide desperately needed dental treatment to those who need our help.

Michele Aiken, LSW, Project Coordinator


Adopt a Vet Dental Program

Thank you so much for approving our grant request for the Adopt a Vet Dental Program (AAVD).  We appreciate your support of our program and our efforts to provide low-income veterans with the dental care or dental lab costs for our veterans.

Linda Haigh, President


Dental Lifeline - Denver

Twenty-six years ago, Randall, age 57, donated a kidney to his sister.  Now with end-stage renal disease himself, he couldn’t qualify for a kidney transplant without the dental treatment he severely needed.

Carmella, 77, worked as a prison guard for 13 years until two heart attacks forced her out of a job.  Now suffering from lung cancer and in poor dental health, she hasn’t been able to afford a trip to the dentist for the past nine years.

Where would these people be today without you?  At Dental Lifeline Network, we know all too well.  Without your support, they would still live in severe pain with decayed and fractured teeth and bleeding, swollen gums, unable to take normal eating for granted.  In many cases such as Randall’s and Carmella’s, patients who seek help are unable to qualify for medical treatment, surgery or organ transplants until their dental problems are resolved.

Last year, your involvement and support enabled us, together with our affiliates and partners to serve 14,685 people through three humanitarian programs:  Donated Dental Services (DDS), Bridge/Campaign of Concern and Dental HouseCalls.  Through DDS, 15,192 volunteer dentists and 3,350 laboratories dramatically transformed the lives of 7,400 vulnerable people who received $24 million in dental therapies.  For most of them, our organization was their last resort.

We continue to be challenged.  With the lingering impact of a weakened economy, more vulnerable people are asking for help at a time when funding sources are limited.  For that very reason, we want you to know how much your commitment truly means.  Never has your help meant more than it does today.  We are profoundly grateful to you.

However, our thanks to you never be as meaningful as that of our patients.  A message from Randall (above) who needed a transplant:  “With the help of volunteers along with Dental Lifeline Network, I was given the chance of a kidney transplant.  I am doing well and getting my back in order.  I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your help.”

Thomas Flezar, DDS, Chairman


Mail Bagpicture

Venice Family Clinic

Laney Kapgan


On behalf of the 24,000 low-income, uninsured and homeless patients we serve at Venice Family Clinic, we wish to thank the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy for its continued support.  Your contribution directly served VFC’s families − men, women and children who lack access to the most basic health care services.  As it has for more than 42 years, Venice Family Clinic continues to meet the critical need for health care services, serving those living in poverty on the Westside of Los Angeles.  Venice Family Clinic is the medical home for our patients who otherwise have nowhere to turn for accessible, quality health care. 


We are pleased to report the Venice Family Clinic’s accomplishments in our dental services program this past year which provided dental care for 1,788 uninsured, low-income and homeless patients during a total of 4,141 visits.  Funding from the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy supported the purchase of dental equipment and supplies.  


Your support helps Venice Family Clinic continue to provide its range of comprehensive services for men, women and children in need.  Dental health support remains a tremendous need in our community.  It is not uncommon to hear that our patients are seeing a dentist for the first time.  We are grateful for your key role in helping us fulfill our mission and bring good health to our families and help them thrive.  



Healthy Smiles of Spartanburg

Kathleen Cates


image07Funds provided by the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy have assisted in supporting the expansion of the Healthy Smiles’ free dental clinic and screening programs for children who are uninsured, do not have Medicaid, and qualify for free or reduced lunch in Spartanburg County Schools.  Developing and expanding partnerships to include the adolescent population through our Outreach Program to further identify those children who qualify for Healthy Smiles’ free clinic in order to eliminate oral disparities in access to health care and health outcomes, thus increasing quality of life.


We are very proud that the program treated 527 children treated in the free dental clinic, a 17% increase over previous year. Thirty-nine children were referred out to a dental specialist for more extensive restorative care.   In addition, due to the introduction of the adolescent screenings,187 teenagers were seen.  Increased awareness of Healthy Smiles’ programs has provided access for greatly needed dental care.


UNLV Foundation

Nancy H. Strouse


On behalf of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I am pleased to thank you for your recent donation in support of the School of Dental Medicine fund.  Your thoughtful gift will allow UNLV to better serve its students, faculty, and the community.


In the past year, UNLV awarded its 100-thousandth degree.  This milestone reminds us of the very significant impact the university has made on the economic and social makeup of Southern Nevada.  It also signifies how many individual lives have been advanced through higher education.  Those with college degrees not only earn more, but also have the potential to contribute more to the well-being of the communities where they live.  the university could not have achieved so much and reached so far without the private support such as yours.


UNLV is an increasingly vital partner in building stronger, more diversified, and brighter future for our students and for Southern Nevada.  We are grateful for your contribution.


Thank You! - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Karen P. West

Thank you for your gift in support of the Give Kids a Smile event at UNLV.  Through your support we are able to address the oral health care needs of underserved children in Southern Nevada while providing unique opportunities to train future dentists.  As a result, we are able to truly have an impact on the advancement of dental education and oral health care in the region.  We are grateful for all you do and thank you again for your continued support.